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Get back to doing the things you enjoy. Learn how your hearing loss can affect your life and ways to treat it.

Your hearing health is a top priority at Hear On the Shore, where we combine modern tools and products with compassionate and friendly care. We believe that patient education is vital to maintaining healthy hearing for a lifetime and it can create a sense of ease and confidence when it comes time to select a hearing solution that meets your needs.

Our professionals put your priorities first, and the more you know about hearing loss and the possible options for treatment, the greater your success will be. Visit the links below to learn how to make everyday sounds better:


Karla has been so patient with me. So far I have trialed four pairs of hearing aids and am planning to try one more before I buy. That’s three months of trials without a purchase! I’m so thankful that I found her through TruHearing.

I went an audiologist in Salisbury prior to going to Karla and they basically told me that I needed trust that they would pick the right hearing aid for me. They insisted that “harsh” settings were correct for me. They told me I just wasn’t used to hearing those sounds anymore and I would get used to it. Just remember hearing aids should aid in understanding not just add noise.

Since seeing Karla at Hear on the Shore, I have learned that each brand is very different and you’ll never know unless you try. I have also learned that you need to be comfortable with your hearing aid fitter. You should be able to suggest changes for your settings and they should listen to your concerns. And Karla does all those things.

I worried at first because she travels to different pharmacies seeing patients. She sets up a make shift office and tests in an open room. (The audiologist I went to tested in a sound proof booth.) However her results were the same as the audiologist’s. I’m sure her traveling around the Shore improves accessibility for patients and keeps costs down. This allows her to flexible with trials and her schedule. Don’t hesitate your hearing is worth it, call for a screening today!

– Becci Horseman Skorobatsch

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