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Preparing for your Appointment

When you have booked your appointment for your hearing test, remember that two ears matter, sound is an individual experience and living with a hearing loss can be tiring. Those points will help you decipher what you will learn at your first appointment.


Your hearing is like an advanced system. There are two ears to input the information and one brain to process that information into sound. With two ears you can process a variety of sounds and locate their origin. They work together to improve speech understanding by providing important details from the sounds of your environment. Having two ears allows you to focus on the sounds you want to hear and disregard those background noises we all find hard to deal with.


Many do not realize that we all decipher sound differently. Even if two people have the exact same test results, they may experience sound very differently. Of course we have different preferences, but the difference in our hearing experience goes well beyond that. Really, the best listening experiences will be those that allow for customization to the listener.MP900422344


When a person experiences hearing loss, it is very tiring. It is hard work deciphering information that is only partially available. Imagine hearing only 70% of a conversation. How will you know what is being said? Reading facial and context clues can tire a listener. Remember that a hearing solution can make listening more comfortable.


When you attend your appointment, both of your ears will be tested, because they work together with your brain for the best audio system. Your individual results will give your hearing healthcare professional a clear picture to understanding how your advanced audio system works. With that information, she will tailor a plan that is customized to your needs, your comfort and most beneficial to you.


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