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Advantages of Hearing Loop Systems

  • Loop TechnologyAfter the initial cost of installation, there is little or no maintenance cost involved.
  •  Since use depends on the individual’s own hearing device, the number of users is not limited to equipment owned by the business.
  • No one can tell if an individual is using the loop system.
  • Each user’s experience is customized by the adjustments within their personal hearing aid.
  • The T-coil that enables the user to access Loop technology is a universal standard system compatible worldwide.
  • Listeners use hearing aids they own. Sound is optimized for their personal hearing loss and needs.
  • There is no need to purchase, maintain, and replace portable receiving units.

Across the board, loop systems are far more likely to be used than other systems requiring headphones, neck loops and other noticeable equipment. It is a great way to provide for the hard of hearing community.Tcoil

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