Why Are Hearing Aids Expensive?

Why does it cost so much?   First of all, hearing aids today have tiny computer chips inside of them. They have features that allow the two hearing aids to work together, much like your brain allows your two ears to work together to gather information that allows you to hear. If your ears are […]

Buying Hearing Aids On Line

I need new hearing aids. Where do I go? Is my hearing care provider trying to rip me off? Maybe I will call the number on this mailer-$375 for a hearing aid! I feel like I have been to a used car salesman. (“Sorry,” to all of you professionals that do sell used cars.)   […]

How Did They Get My Name?

We all get things in the mail that are no interest to us. I for one am sick of getting AARP advertisements. I just throw them in the recycle bin or use them to start a fire. Sometimes we may even get so sick of it that we want to call and get these mailings […]